Art Licensing Agency

Don Stone

I became a cartoonist in high school when I discovered that drawing funny cartoons got me attention from my classmates. ( By classmates, I mean girls. ) I found I enjoyed drawing funny pictures and making people laugh. I also discovered that art was about the only thing I seemed to have any talent for, so I wisely decided to go to art school. After graduating from LA’s Art Center College of Design, I became an Agency Art Director, where I found a ready market for my cartooning.


Some of my cartoons for clients have won awards of Excellence from the LA Illustrator’s Club and Nationally, from The American Ad Federation.

Besides cartoons, I’ve had the good fortune to have my art and design win national and International awards for TV commercials, brochures, outdoor boards and ads. ( I jokingly say that Art-For-Industry is the name of my game. ) Outside of advertising, my cartoons have been published Nationally by King Features and I have also been a guest contributor to The Orange County Register paper with some of my editorial cartoons. Today my hope is to expand my horizons and spend less time doing art for industry and focus more on publishing and licensing my art for the public. After all, I still like drawing funny pictures and making people laugh, and the more the merrier.

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